2014 User Conference Wrap-Up

By Barry Logan, ICIS Executive Director


Midway thru the 2014 Conference Series, a prior ICIS newsletter article focused on the importance of regionalizing ICIS User Conferences and the expected benefits that would be realized. Now that the 2014 series is complete, it is timely to share an update on just how important these conferences have become and that the collaborative results are paramount in helping the Society establish relevant priorities in order to focus on projects that yield the highest value for all.

The 2014 Theme “Realizing ICIS Value” was based on sharing the progress being made on the expansion and upgrade of ICIS’ BCSpatial Services. Specifically, the timing was perfect to launch new high value services like the Member Web Map Viewer and Data Catalogue. These new and upgraded services allow ICIS to integrate all feature classes into a single data base, accessed simultaneously and trusted due to the consistent and timely data delivery by the GeoShare automation process. Other ICIS priority initiatives such as Joint Infrastructure Planning and Planned Parcels which demand special attention in order to inform participants of the many benefits were also included. Each conference topic presentation was made by subject matter experts comprised of ICIS Board Members, their delegates and ICIS Operations staff. In addition to the ICIS specific projects, these experts and primary stake holders gave presentations on the Physical Address Geocoder, Height Modernization, the Integrated Cadastral Fabric compilation and ParcelMapBC. Each conference provided an ideal stage with an attentive audience for each of these presentations and provided certain ICIS member organizations a significant opportunity to present information on subject matter that is very relevant to the ICIS community. Each presenter encouraged a two way dialogue with the participants which resulted in excellent questions and feedback.

Recapping, there were seven regional events starting in May, 2014 thru December 2014. Each event was held in strategic locations throughout the province in order to maximize regional attendance (Target between 30-40 attendees/event) from the surrounding communities and to include all member segments. The majority of the 2014 events were held in Regional District Offices and where possible, with proximity to a local ICIS Board Member. Having each event in a member hosted facility was very much appreciated and added to the positive impact of the conferences.

ICIS Operations were thrilled with the overall outcome. Each conferences was very well attended and deemed to be a success based on the feedback from each participant as the key goals of the 2014 conference series to engage, collaborate, participate and gather intelligence from the participants were met.

Each conference followed the same agenda but each outcome was unique in that particular interests in every location were highlighted and the participant mix established regional priorities and business requirements. ICIS Operations established certain goals to ensure that sufficient feedback was received and documented from each event to yield a regional perspective and in turn be used to ascertain provincial priorities on all conference topics. At the completion of the series, ICIS Operations had compiled some 700 participant sourced comments. This feedback data was normalized and consolidated by topic to assess what had been learned from the seven events. The Aggregated Feedback Graph depicts the provincial perspective on the normalized participant feedback. What is of particular interest and importance is that that the biggest benefits or most important outcomes of the conferences are associated with Learning Opportunities and Collaboration.

Conference Feedback

In conclusion, regional ICIS User Conferences continue to be the most effective way to communicate and engage with the ICIS Member community by encouraging and facilitating participation, engagement and interest to facilitate ICIS’ ongoing provision of high value to all stakeholders. Thank everyone for your ongoing support of ICIS and ICIS Operations looks forward to meeting with you on your turf during the upcoming 2015 ICIS User Conference series.

User Conference Participant Gallery:

Conference Attendance Chart

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