2015 User Conference Wrap-Up

2015 was a great year for the ICI Society Conference series themed Optimizing Value for Your Organization.

The Regional User Conferences are key to facilitating broad participation in ICI Society initiatives and creating an environment for receiving feedback from the Society membership at large.

Eight events were held throughout the province in 2015. Attendance for each event exceeded expectation with participation coming from all member segment organizations. In addition, attendance from other departments within the represented organizations indicates success in one Society goal of extending reach and value within member organizations.


Drawing from a standard agenda, each conference kicked off with a recap of the progress made to date on all ICI Society Strategic Initiatives which encouraged interaction and open discussion to begin immediately. A live demonstration of the value of sharing and integrating all infrastructure data from the Provincial Utilities through to all levels of Local Governments, Regional Districts and First Nations prompted some excellent feedback that was incorporated into the prototype design. These discussions also lead to further progress on organizations working together to create significant opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings for existent and future joint infrastructure works and planning projects.

The Land Title and Survey Authority shared their progress on developing ParcelMap BC and the anticipated value of adopting a single, complete, trusted and sustainable cadastral fabric. The participants also learned about the emerging BC Assessment sponsored Grant Program which will be available to assist municipalities in the adoption of ParcelMap BC as the foundational layer of their GIS data.

DataBC participated in every Address Quality Panel Disussion and explained how the development and use of the Provincial Physical Address GeoCoder is integral to improving address data province wide. In addition, each of the regional Panels involved members from Local Governents, Regional Districts, Utilities, GeoBC and DataBC who spoke to the importance and challenges associated with improving, standardizing and openly sharing point based address data.

GeoBC offered insight and detail on three important projects involving the improvement and addition to several Provincial spatial data sets. The presentations focused on the mapping of the Administrative Boundary Management System which will replace the complex Metes and Bounds descriptions. The second topic revealed that significant work is being accomplished in the mapping and expansion of the Resource Road Update Program. The presentation concluded with the the importance of sharing and integrating Local Government geospatial parks data via ICI Society’s GeoShare service to complement the Digital Road Atlas and improve emergency response planning information.


In addition to these topics GeoBC and BC Assessment provided customized presentations at select User Conferences to suit the specific region.

GeoBC’s presentation on “ICF Control and Cadastral Compilation” was appropriate in the areas where GeoBC maintains the Integrated Cadstral Fabric (ICF).

BC Assessment presented at the last three conferences in support of their new data improvement initiative in order to determine and prioritize specific requirements.

Each conference concluded with a lively round table wrap up which encouraged each participant to share their opinion of the day’s experience. This part was always fun and unique to each event.

This adherence to a standard agenda served to be very useful in achieving the objective of delivering consistent, accurate and valuable content. The similar presentations and information delivered by the speakers also served very different audiences and seemed to be heard just as differently. The questions and feedback from each of the eight events proved to be quite distinct, providing a localized perspective on needs and priorities. Obviously, there was some common ground on many of the topics which the resulting aggregation of the feedback revealed and which helped to measure priorities.

Overall the participants expressed their appreciation for learning directly from the experts on each topic. In addition to learning, discussing and collaborating, significant interest and sign up was achieved for participants to join project working groups and be directly involved with the various ICI Society initiatives.

ICI Society as a whole received high value and extensive intelligent feedback which provides great input for planning and prioritizing ICI Society Member needs and associated work for 2016 and years to come.

Please look forward to what’s in store for 2016 and beyond.

As always, thank you for your support and participation.