2016 Year in Review


Barry Logan, Executive Director

The Society Vision continues to stand the test of time and 2016 was indeed another productive year for the ICI Society in achievements that continue to support the vision:

“ICI Society is a leader in the sharing of geospatial information; driving collaboration, integration, adoption and use of spatial data for the social economic benefit of British Columbia.”

The year literally evaporated as time continues to rocket by. Being busy certainly seems to act as an accelerant when it comes to the consumption of time. Significant efforts were made in 2016 on development and internal work to achieve measurable results and progress on the projects which were showcased during the 2015 conferences. A decision was made at the end of 2015 that the conversations started at the conferences would now be supported with associated results that all Society members will be able to benefit from going forward. These results are reflected in the work done on the various strategic projects and member support initiatives.


ICI Society Operations focus in 2016 was and continues to be on the following strategic projects:

  • ParcelMap BC (PMBC) Support:
    • PMBC – Replicate
    • PMBC – Case Study
  • Joint Infrastructure Works
  • Planned Ortho-imagery AOI
  • Web Map 3.0

ParcelMap BC (PMBC) is being supported by 2 significant projects:

PMBC – REPLICATE is focused on facilitating the availability of the PMBC data as delivered via LTSA’s PM Direct service to ICI members. ICI takes this data and automates the delivery of the replicated data via GeoShare services to the members. This latest GeoShare service will be the exclusive mechanism for ICI members to consume the PMBC data sets.

PMBC – CASE STUDY involves intensive work with the four “proof of concept” local government jurisdictions. Through the year, each case study participant has worked diligently to assess and determine the viability of adopting or aligning with the PMBC cadastral data for use in their respective jurisdictions. The working group supporting this initiative was extended to include representatives from LTSA, BC Assessment, FortisBC and GeoBC. The interaction of the participants has uncovered some significant challenges which have been successfully resolved early in the game. The eventual outcome is expected to yield a process for other communities to utilize in their assessment of adoption or alignment. The process will become part of the curriculum for ICI Society member conference workshops in 2017.

JOINT INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS has been active for several years albeit not gaining the desired take-up by the member community. 2016 has seen a breakthrough for this project. The local government mains data aggregation effort and proliferation of this data as the emerging feature class is now providing the foundational data for joint infrastructure works planning to be supported. FortisBC and the City of Surrey are collaborating on a proof of concept case study to prove the concept and yield actual works project economies of scale. Other municipalities and utilities are being encouraged to join the working group to expand the opportunities for the realization of positive results. Again, the eventual outcome is expected to yield a process for which other communities can benefit from and the lessons learned will add to the curriculum for ICI Society member conference workshops in 2017.

PLANNED ORTHO-IMAGERY AOI project was approved in 2016. This project reflects the value that BC Assessment sees in being a Society member and presented the opportunity to work collaboratively with other members to realize extensive potential savings in the acquisition of ortho imagery. A new case study will be initiated in 2017 to prove the concept and offer a process for other jurisdictions to utilize for realizing sizable economies scale on the procurement of Ortho Imagery.

Web Map 3.0 will be significant upon its early 2017 production release as it offers the latest “out of the Box” esri functionality and is mobile ready. In addition, all the latest feature classes as contributed by Society members will be available as standard viewable and downloadable layers. Members will be able to customize and bookmark their views and activate relevant and appropriate web map services.


ICI operations commits significant resources to the member support initiatives:

  • Marketing communications to promote and inform
  • GeoShare services to facilitate automated data sharing
  • Information technology implementation to support data services
  • Member outreach to collaborate, educate and learn
  • Grant program administration to fund improvement

The support initiatives facilitate the value proposition of the Society and provide the various mechanisms for the delivery of the value associated not only with the strategic projects but added value achieved through member networking, collaboration and trust. The obvious focus is on the integration and delivery of various disparate geospatial data sets as shared by the many member organizations. However, communications, member stories and member outreach also integrate disparate organizations and their associated personnel for higher learning, collaboration, new relationships and partnering benefits.

ICI Society Operations maintain metrics to ascertain the reach that is being achieved. These metrics provide the intelligence that is assessed to further and improve the various support initiatives. For example, during 2016, ICI communication subscription lists were enhanced to create target contacts for specific audiences. The analytics on these targeted messages show much higher consumption versus more generic communications. A concentrated focus was also made in 2016 on conducting subject specific webinars on a variety of topics. Over 300 webinars were conducted throughout the year with significant positive feedback being reported by the many participants.

GeoShare services are constantly being improved and extended as the quality, quantity and variety of contributed member data continues to grow. The ability to add new feature classes for both viewing and consumption has been expedited by updating and migrating to the latest available technologies supported by state of the art infrastructure.

To reiterate, 2016 was a very good year for the ICI Society and 2017 should be even better!

As always, thank you for your support, participation and contribution.