Q/A and Change Detection


In 2015 new Q/A for AddressBC was introduced to provide additional tools for address data managers and now, AddressBC Q/A processes have been further enhanced with change-detection functionality.

Using DataBC’s Physical Address Geocoder as part of the GeoShare process for address data submissions provides a Geocoder Correlation report to help address managers identify anomalies within AddressBC, and inconsistencies between AddressBC and the Digital Road Atlas.

While full Geocoder Correlation reports are still run with each release of the Physical Address Geocoder, the newly developed Change-Only reporting, run quarterly throughout the year means data managers can work with a smaller set of results to focus analysis on recent changes.

With this Q/A reporting, Society members can more easily work together to increase AddressBC data quality, completeness and value to all Society members by:

  1. Registering for notification of new Geocoder Correlation Reports.
  2. Downloading the report from the ICI Society Data Catalog.
  3. Interpreting the results from DataBC.
  4. Resolving anomalies in-house and/or with data custodians.



AddressBC is a central authoritative, accurate and accessible point-based civic address registry for British Columbia.


Many public services and businesses rely on accurate location of civic addresses. Particularly in rural areas, a point address can locate the precise location of a property, building or access point. Local governments in BC currently create and distribute addresses to many users. A central source will make sure users can retrieve address points and locations quickly and accurately.


AddressBC improves access to address locations for a variety of applications including customer service and emergency planning. Local governments benefit through improved and simplified communication of address changes to users and access to a robust data model for civic addressing.


Local Governments submit address data to ICI Society via GeoShare; the scheduled, automated service used for weekly updates to AddressBC. Please contact the ICI Society Team to find out more.


Address Data is now downloadable via the new Map Viewer. For large area downloads, please access the Data Catalog.