Brad Hlasny

Manager of Base Mapping and Cadastre, GeoBC

Brad Hlasny became the Manager of the Base Mapping & Cadastre Section of GeoBC on April 1, 2008.  His team is responsible for delivering the foundational digital maps and data that support the Province of British Columbia’s provisioning of cost effective, timely, accurate and relevant land and resource information services to British Columbians.

Base mapping serves a vital function to all sectors of the economy, underlying all information gathered on maps, enabling data to be geographically referenced properly, and facilitating effective data integration for decision-making. This includes land and resource information as well as socio-economic data.

Since coming to the BC government from industry in 1993, Brad has helped modernize the geospatial & base mapping functions in BC through innovation and partnership. He has been an integral part of management and teams devising and delivering products and services to partners and clients such as forest and oil & gas industries, government ministries/programs, utilities, local governments, emergency response services, etc. As a result, BC is nationally recognized as the leader in providing sound governance and effective base mapping and geomatic services.


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