Elaine Dawson


Government Communications and Public Engagement


Ms. Dawson has an extensive public service career as a data management professional with a lead role in the development of the Provincial Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and supporting discovery, distribution, visualization and application platform services in BC. A significant area of focus has also been the improvement of data management governance with the development of data custodianship guidelines and principles. Advancing the Provinces’ Enterprise Geographic service portfolio and the Open Data initiative are two primary areas of focus for Ms. Dawson as a DataBC Director.

Ms Dawson currently leads a group of data management professionals delivering Provincial geographic Services as well as Open Data Services. The team assists clients to transformation their service delivery such that the social and economic benefits of geospatial and open data can be realized. The BC Geographic Warehouse is at the centre of the Provincial SDI managed by this team.

Ms Dawson chairs the DataBC Council and actively works with the Federal Government and GeoAlliance Canada on the advancement of Canadian geospatial platform services and more broadly, Geomatics in Canada.

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