Future Direction of the Society

The future direction of the Integrated Cadastre Information Society will leverage the achievements and growth made to date and focus on new or enhanced geo-spatial based business requirements as determined and prioritized from the overall member community.

The existent Vision statement, ICIS is a leader in the sharing of geospatial information; driving collaboration, integration, adoption and use of spatial data for the social economic benefit of British Columbia, maintains its relevance and in fact becomes even more relevant in light of the current projects in progress. Specifically, the Infrastructure (IF) Mains, Joint IF Works and Planned Parcel Management projects are expected to yield high value for engaged members by encouraging planning collaboration to maximize resource use and minimize costs amongst the participants. These projects exemplify the future direction of ICIS.

The investments that ICIS has made in infrastructure technology (IT) have resulted in a suitable suite of services that allow rapid deployment of new geo data sets once the priority for the data need has been established and member engagement has gained necessary traction for both contribution and consumption data flow.

The trust and goodwill that has been earned throughout the provincial member community encourages participation in ICIS sponsored events to foster relationship building, interactive collaboration amongst disparate groups and yield group consensus required to determine and prioritize ICIS initiatives. These interactive events which experience participation from all member segments serve to provide intelligence for future direction and initiative planning.

The events, especially the regional User Conferences, already comprise a significant component of where ICIS is going. These conferences support the top two ICIS value feedback points learned from the 2014 Conference Series which are “COLLABORATION” and “LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES”.

The growing adoption of open data policies amongst member organization may seem to present a challenge to ICIS’ member and licensing requirements. However, the offset is that open data availability offers the opportunity to the Society to add value by aggregating, harmonizing and standardizing disparate open data sets. This proliferation of open data emphasizes the requirements and need for data standards, data delivery, metadata and associated information on the state of the data. ICIS’ GeoShare services work to support these components through automation, normalization, scheduling and Q/C processes. GeoShare services are designed to facilitate, promote and integrate services for and one-stop access to the best available geospatial data for British Columbia.

Simply, the future direction of ICIS is dependent on effective decision making yielded from meaningful member derived ideas and needs for expanding on the sharing, integration and assessment of geospatial data. Delivering cost effective solutions and associated services to meet these priority member needs is paramount. Encouraging and soliciting involvement and communicating on the successes, values and benefits is the action. This is the future for ICIS.

As always, thank you for your support and participation.