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Orthoimagery Consortium Project Description

GeoBC, of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) is working with the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) to gain knowledge with regards to the ongoing orthoimagery acquisition from regional districts and local governments. The ultimate goal of this work would be to create an orthoimagery consortium to fly areas where agencies with common imagery requirements would be satisfied though a single contract; thus saving acquisition and some production costs.  In addition to this, the potential to leverage other provincial and/or federal acquisition projects would either save costs or provide opportunities to cost-share in orthoimagery acquisition.  We have developed the following survey to gain a better understanding concerning orthoimagery data collection within the province.

LidarBC Project – Detailed LiDAR Viewer Project Description

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) and GeoBC are developing a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Viewer, as an inventory for past, current, and future LiDAR projects within the province of British Columbia.  The initiative, LidarBC, is a joint collaboration of LiDAR data custodians and providers from a range of backgrounds, including government, private industry, academia, and non-profit organizations.  The LiDAR Viewer will help reduce the cost of duplication and allow users to find data easily. Currently, LiDAR data are not easily available to many potential users, as it requires significant effort to both locate and retrieve the datasets.  The LiDAR Viewer is a data sharing portal for the province of British Columbia.  The viewer will serve as a comprehensive, centrally managed, inventory tool for the province and will also facilitate the generation of imagery acquisition plans.  A user will be able to define an area of interest and a) determine if existing LiDAR datasets are available; or b) identify areas for potential future data acquisition. It will allow stakeholders and government clients will have the opportunity to provide their input for more efficient and effective planning of annual imagery acquisition contracts.

The initial goal of the application is to act as a portal for data custodians and providers to upload their LiDAR spatial extent and metadata.  The first version will not hold the LiDAR data itself, but will enable users to view the spatial extents and related metadata for available datasets.  Metadata will provide specific information with regards to the imagery (i.e., spatial accuracy; acquisition date; who owns the data; the data license; contact information; and available derivative data products).  Through its use and the integration of more data, the portal will become a one-stop access point for identifying LiDAR projects and their metadata.

We would like input from data custodians and providers to answer questions such as:

  1. Do you have LiDAR data?
  2. Are you interested in contributing to the LidarBC initiative?
  3. Do you foresee more benefits with this initiative?
  4. How can we improve the system in the future?
  5. Are you willing to share the spatial extents and metadata of your LiDAR datasets?
  6. Are you willing to provide this information to only government or would you be interested to broaden the availability to include the general public?

We would appreciate your time in completing a short survey. If you have any comments or concerns, we would like to hear them, as your input will enable us to provide a product that is beneficial to you and your clients.

Do you have questions? Click here to contact Harald Steiner (Imagery Acquisition).

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