Member Stories & Testimonials

Member Stories & Testimonials

ICI Society has been working with our members to create Member Stories that explore their experience working with the Society and any challenges they have overcome through their collaborative membership with ICI Society.

These stories help to define the benefits of an ICI Society membership for our different Member Segments and provide opportunities for new directions, growth and improved product delivery to all members.


City of Abbotsford
“Being part of the ICI Society community has helped us avoid conflicts. ICI Society ensures that we’re all working from the same map.” Eric Hoogenraad, Manager of Geomatics & Facility Planning

BC Assessment 
“In 10 years, ICI Society has stayed focused on its original mandate. We have a thriving membership across all sectors, with cadastre and other data types covering the entire province. Equally as important, ICI Society is open to the emerging issues from membership. Through collaboration, ICI Society provides leadership and fosters leadership opportunities in response to the geospatial challenges of the day. ICI Society belongs to all of us!
Kim Boyd , Senior Business Analyst, Customer Services

“When I joined BC Assessment in late 2008 and became involved with the ICI Society Board, I was excited to see that ICI Society had built a superb model of collaboration across a very diverse group of constituents, all of whom were working together to achieve the goals of ICI Society. This is a model that would have great benefit if it were repeated in many other areas and serves as a reminder that effective collaboration can work across both public and private sector partners. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!”
Harry Mercer, VP Business & Customer Services

BC Land Title and Survey
“ICI Society has faced a number of challenges over its 10 year history – as it works to deliver its original vision. The current management team has moved ICI Society forward and we are today seeing the results of the collaborative efforts of the partners that form ICI Society. Congratulations on achieving this 10 year milestone.”
Mike Thomson, Surveyor General of British Columbia

Canadian Wildlife Service
“CWS became a member of ICI Society in 2010, providing the group with access to the required data. Now, they have access to detailed, standardized digital property boundaries and PIDs. “Access to this data has helped us improve our property information which results in better conservation planning.”
Kathleen Moore, Ecosystem Conservation Coordinator

City of Burnaby
“Membership in ICI Society brings collaborative, convenient and cost effective access to utility and provincial data and is an important initiative, providing opportunities for Local and Regional Governments to increase capacity with data sharing, grants, and software upgrades that improve the cadastral fabric for the economic benefit of all British Columbians while maintaining data ‘ownership’ for the City of Burnaby.”
Brian Sameshima, Chief Information Officer

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
“When people share a common direction and sense of community, they can get where they are going easier and faster because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.” Excerpt from The Goose Story of the Carrier and Sekani People.

Central Kootenay Regional District
“This has been a truly collaborative process. It’s been very exciting to see the different stakeholders in this process, RDCK, Nakusp, the Province of BC, ICI Society and Martin Newby Consulting work together to produce an outstanding result.”
Tom Dool, GIS Technician

District of Chetwynd
“ICI Society’s continuous updating of newly registered legal survey plans into the ICI Society, ICF, and BCA parcel fabrics saves me both time and effort with engineering GIS projects.”  Dennis Guay, Engineering Technician

City of Courtenay
“The common language and the spirit of collaboration at the heart of our ICI Society relationship has become an essential element to our efforts. 2010 will see continued improvement of the City of Courtenay’s cadastral fabric.”
Derek Richmond, Manager of Engineering

Cowichan Tribes
“GIS is a modern day technology that we will continue to use at Cowichan Tribes to improve many aspects of our operations; perhaps the most important use of this technology is to provide maps and data in support of planning projects and developments occurring on-reserve.”
Brenda Underwood, GIS Technician


Read about how Members are Making it Happen. “This level of support from a member is truly appreciated and represents the highest value of contribution that can be realized by the Society.”
Barry Logan, Executive Director, ICI Society

“FortisBC has a strong relationship with ICI Society and utilizes the Society to access landbase and facilities data to improve and streamline our business processes. The level of collaboration that is facilitated by ICI Society enables FortisBC’s GIS staff to work more effectively.”
Piet Nooij, Production Process Manager, Business and IT Services

“We continue to embed ICI Society into our business operations to the benefit of our customers and society. Over the last 10 years, ICI Society has pursued clearer goals with greater commitment. Consequently, this has moved ICI Society closer to its ultimate vision. ICI Society is part of our DNA. ”
Ferenc Pataki , Director of Operations Engineering

Fraser Fort George Regional District
“ICI Society has provided us with a way to quickly and easily share data across administrative boundaries, resulting in reduced workload and overhead. As a central portal, it greatly simplifies and expedites the handling of requests for data for both the requestor and receiver.”
Steven Botham, Manager of Information Technology

Fraser Valley Regional District
“Participating in ICI Society has been very positive. It has broken down data silos and encourages a more collaborative approach to data acquisition and sharing.”
Adam Swartz, GIS Technician

“This dedication to and high level support of the Society from an important Society member is indicative of the highest value of contribution and is why the Society succeeds in its mandate. Thank you Andy, Brad and all of your team at GeoBC.”
Barry Logan, Executive Director, ICI Society

“ILMB’s vision is to deliver corporate, solutions through collaboration. The Security 2010 initiative puts those words into action. ICI Society shares our vision of success through collaboration and continues to perpetuate its value proposition for new and demanding situations requiring single-source, integrated spatial data.”
Gurdeep Singh, Portolio Manager, Emergency Management and Public Safety

Islands Trust
“ICI Society allows us to be more efficient by streamlining the cadastral data sharing process and work flow. We’re also looking forward to AddressBC. With over-lapping jurisdictions, it would be arduous for us to maintain our own address database. AddressBC will be a welcome addition.”
Mark van Bakel, GIS Coordinator

City of Merritt
“The availability of the CivicSpatial funding through ICI Society has made a big difference for the City of Merritt. The problem now is that our data is so good that other agency data that has been used to assist with business decisions is no longer usable or has to be used with extreme caution. ICI Society has helped us raise the bar.”
Sean O’Flaherty , Development Services Officer

District of Mission
“The vision of ICI Society and its support of the District of Mission’s data improvement program will have long lasting benefits for both the ICI Society membership and the public at large.”
Chris Knowles, Manager, Information Technology

Okanagan Similkameen Regional District
“As we continue to improve the cadastre, other things become more accurate – like zoning, ALR, stream data and more. ICI Society and funding from the CivicSpatial Grant Program has been essential in helping the RDOS and its member municipalities improve our cadastral information.” Tim Bouwmeester, Information Services Manager

Peace River Regional District
“Our collaborative relationship with ICI Society has been instrumental in helping us achieve our GIS objectives .”
Don Hemakumara, GIS Coordinator

Village of Queen Charlotte
“The help we received from ICI Society was essential and continues to positively impact our progress.”
Debra Uliana , Chief Financial Officer

District of Sechelt
“Because ICI Society is dedicated to collaborative sharing of cadastral information and helping Local Governments like the District of Sechelt through the Civic Spatial Grant Program, it made it possible to more rapidly realize one of Sechelt’s major GIS goals. Now, with a proper survey control framework, locations are consistent, and the information is easily integrated within our GIS.”
Sandra Brown, GIS Coordinator

“Providing excellent service to our customers is a top priority for Shaw. Our membership with ICI Society allows us to work more efficiently by providing land based information that is as close to real time as possible. We are able to pass on the benefits of these efficiencies to our customers by providing more effective service.”
Mike Bazowski, Senior Manager

District of Sooke
“Working with ICI Society is a critical tool for our Engineering and Planning departments and has helped us to solve a number of challenges. Havingt a formal conduit for our cadastral information allows us to spend less time packaging data for individual requests. It also facilitates updating the maps on our public website.”
Brian Goble, Geographic Services

Sunshine Coast Regional District
“Being a member of ICI Society has not only benefited the SCRD’s data accuracy, but also provides access to government data sets used in our business. We can now access government information directly through secure web sites that we use daily. The combination of accurate data, free access to data, and sharing data is helping the SCRD meet their goals and ICI Society succeed in their mission and vision.”
Trevor Fawcett, GIS Administrator

City of Surrey
“Membership with ICI Society has allowed the GIS Section of Surrey to work more effectively. It just makes good business sense to collaborate. The sharing of data fosters economic activity, improves the implementation of information technology standards, and facilitates better decision-making because of improved access to the most up-to-date data.”
Sean Simpson, GIS Manager

“TELUS infrastructure assets are widely distributed across numerous jurisdictions. The complexity of creating a seamless framework upon which to manage those assets cannot be overstated. By aggregating spatial data from so many individual constituents ICI Society delivers a remarkable value added service for TELUS. ICI Society succeeds technically in delivering solutions important to all member classes because it is absolutely dedicated to understanding the needs and perspectives of each of us. At the same time the society has grown into a working model of collaboration between the Province of BC, Local Governments, and Utilities.”
Dan Shannon, Engineering Manager

District of Tofino
” better quality, accessible data creates huge efficiencies for our local government staff, saves time and results in better decisions for the community.” Aaron Rodgers, Manager Community Stability

Treaty 8 Tribal Association
“ICI Society always provides information to us on the day it is requested. The speed at which the GIS office is able to support decision-making enables the Treaty 8 Tribal Association to lead negotiations. This has been one of the strongest tools for use in consultation and accommodation processes. ”
Leeanna Rhodes, GIS Advisor Coordinating Lands Office

Village of Valemount
“Even though we’re a small community, with ICI Society as a resource we can work more efficiently and be more precise.” Silvio Gislimberti, Economic Development Officer

BC Land Title and Survey
“ICI Society has faced a number of challenges over its 10 year history – as it works to deliver its original vision. The current management team has moved ICI Society forward and we are today seeing the results of the collaborative efforts of the partners that form ICI Society. Congratulations on achieving this 10 year milestone.”
Mike Thomson, Surveyor General of British Columbia

Resort Municipality of WhistlerNEW

“Overall PMBC software has made it easier for us to work with and share property-based information pertinent for our community and organization. It has given us an enhanced ability to combine the use of some key layers of spatial data, which results in more meaningful information for our operations and planning.”
Mike Furey, Chief Administrative Officer