Adoption Support

ParcelMap BC Services and Support

The ICI Society supports members use and adption of ParcelMap BC by providing efficient access to ParcelMap BC. The Data Catalog provides member access to a weekly refresh of ParcelMap BC province-wide Parcel Snapshot ​so members can assess cost effective use of ParcelMap BC.

ParcelMap BC order processing for GeoShare was developed to deliver regularly-scheduled, customized ParcelMap BC product packages selected from the complete suite of offerings provided by LTSA.

​ParcelMap BC Adoption Support focuses on outreach, education and user support for Local Governments to help with any questions on ParcelMap BC.


360LABS – ParcelMap BC Workshops

With a focus on ParcelMap BC Adoption Challenges & Solutions, this workshop series provides access to SMEs to help members prepare for ParcelMap BC adoption. Workshops cover the following topics:

  • Parcel Management in ParcelMap BC – Inputs, Processes & Outputs
  • Introduction to the Spatial Adjustment tool
  • Examining your parcel workflow
  • Handling of proposed parcels
  • Incorporating BCA Data Advice Files
  • Integrating ParcelMap BC into your workflow


ICF Client Transition Support to ParcelMap BC

The ICI Society recently welcomed Dale Sparrow to the ICI Society operations team as a key resource for Integrated Cadastral Fabric (ICF) users transitioning to ParcelMap BC. With Dale’s extensive experience on Cadastral mapping with GeoBC’s Parcel Fabric Section, the ICI Society can now offer ICF to ParcelMap BC comparative assessments for Local Government ICF members to assist with their transition to ParcelMap BC.