PMBC Parcel Snapshot

Now available on request is the Province-wide Parcel Snapshot (see s.2.2.4 of the ParcelMap Direct Data Extract Product Specification).  Custom data packages to assist Local Government use and adoption of PMBC can be requested and configured to meet each member’s business needs.  To find out more about how to set up regular GeoShare delivery of PMBC please contact Steve Mark​, our Technical Coordinator.

​The ParcelMap BC fabric is continually updated by the ParcelMap BC Operations Team. New plans enter the operation maintenance queue once they are registered or confirmed. Service targets for currency of the fabric are being refined as supporting systems and processes come fully online, but the ultimate goal is to have updates processed within two business days for areas of the fabric in operations. Once fully operational, the LTSA plans to publish fabric updates daily.More information on ParcelMap BC can be found on the LTSA website at​.

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