An Analysis of Benefits From Use of Geographic Information Systems by King County, Washington.

Task- The analysis team of Richard Zerbe and Associates has been contracted by the King County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center to conduct a return on investment (ROI) study concerning the development and use of GIS within County agenices.

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ICIS: an entrepreneurial model to implement provincial Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) is a non-profit organization established in 2001 to provide integrated geo-spatial data to its members, including Provincial Government Ministries, Crown Corporations, Local and Regional Governments, First Nations and major Utility companies in British Columbia (BC).


An Investigation into the Feasibility of a Collaborative Approach to an Effective Cadastre Information Model

Effective management and protection of society’s increasingly complex and interdependent infrastructure depends upon understanding where that infrastructure is and where it is in relationship to its surrounding environment. Yet, those who build, protect and maintain our nations’ infrastructure continue to struggle to collaborate effectively. This is at least partially due to the inability of organizations working in the same areas to exchange their spatial information.

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AddressBC and ICIS: Building a Common Point Address System for BC

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) is a unique non-profit organization in British Columbia, Canada that is based on collaboration between Local Government, Provincial Government and major Utility companies. ICIS members work together to share and integrate spatial data from multiple agencies so that members can access spatial data through ICIS as one central source. In the spirit of this ongoing collaboration, ICIS is continuing its work towards increasing data sharing and integration with the development of the AddressBC project.

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The ICIS: Achieving Collaborative (Geospatial) Success

A small groupĀ  operating in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is achieving success in integrating disparate geospatial data sets. This is not unusual. However, the interesting part is that these data come from some 200 different and equally disparate organizations throughout the province. Even more amazing is the fact that the contribution of data is voluntary. Contributed data layers come from the provincial government, local governments, all of the major utilities, the property assessment authority and other stakeholders, resulting in a multi layer geospatial fabric.

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City of Vancouver Launches OpenData Web Site

In May 2009, Vancouver City Council passed a motion that embraces the principals of open data, open standards, and open source. As a result of the Open3 motion (so called because it covers open data, open standards and open source) City staff began to put together a site to accommodate the free downloading of data.

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An Evaluation of Inter-Local Government GIS Integration in British Columbia, Canada

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have evolved in the local government environment from departmentally based tools used to address an isolated problem or set of problems into a potentially enterprise based tool capable of integrating many other business systems and processes. The next logical step in the evolution of GIS is to enable integration beyond the corporation of which it was initially implemented.

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Cadastral Standards & Interoperability

Why is this area of GIS receiving so much attention?

  • Interoperability is essential for sharing Land Records and other GIS data
  • Technology advances are enabling interoperability
    1. Networked infrastructure
    2. Spatial extract transform & load
    3. Metadata tools
  • Standards are emerging that support interoperability
    1. SOA
    2. GIS

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