Share Data with GeoShare

GeoShare is an ICI Society service that automates the exchange of data between the Society Members.

•    Leverages state of the art technologies to enable members to update and consume current data frequently

•    Creates efficiency by replacing manual processes with automated scheduled weekly refresh

•    Provides consistent and easy access to the best available data

•    Facilitates more opportunities for additional data services

•    Acts as a highway for multi-directional flow of Society member data with:

✓ Standardization

✓ Metadata

✓ Quality Control

•    Implementation is a straightforward process since GeoShare integrates with ICI Society Members’ existing infrastructure, work flows, systems and software.

The GeoShare Process:

Arrow Graphic Reversed copyContact Steve Mark for more information on GeoShare data services and how it can work for you.

Click here to view or download the help document.