Map Viewer

Map Viewer Version 3.0.2

We are pleased to introduce the newest release of the ICI Society Map Viewer. This version is mobile-ready and includes all the features of version 3.0.1 like enabling ParcelMapBC (PMBC) for adoption by Society Members.

Map Viewer version 3.0.2 enables improved security measures related to Utility data. We have taken this measure to ensure that our Society is pro-actively responsive to our members’ needs as technology evolves.

Get your credentials

The Map Viewer is accessible only to registered users from ICI Society Member organizations.

ICI Society members can use their existing log-in credentials for this new Map Viewer. To set up new credentials, please click here.

Note to Utilities Data Users:

The ICI Society Data Sharing and Licensing Agreement (DSLA) has been updated with an Addendum covering Utility Infrastructure data to reflect current trends in cloud-based computing and the associated restrictions on non-domestic data storage specific to Utility infrastructure data.

Please be advised that restrictions to Utility data download will commence on July 18, 2018 for those members who have not signed the Utility Addendum to update the terms of their DSLA.

To ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted data download privileges for Utility data, please ensure that your DSLA has been updated with the Utility Addendum. If ICI Society has a completed Utility Addendum on file, your access will not be affected.

Learn more about the Map Viewer

View or download your copy of the Map Viewer 3.0.2 – User Guide (Members) or contact Steve Mark, Technical Coordinator to set up a Webinar.

Please review Terms and Conditions before accessing the Map Viewer.