Our Data

In Production

The following feature classes and associated data quality services are the result of member driven initiatives to contribute, standardize, integrate and provide one-stop access to the best available geospatial data for the Province.

Geospatial Feature Classes


A central authoritative, accurate and accessible point-based civic address registry for British Columbia.  Click here to learn more about AddressBC.


Taxation folio parcel data from BC Assessment.

ICI Society Cadastre

A Provincial parcel fabric feature class that is the culmination of the aggregation of local government and provincially maintained parcel fabrics.


Local Government Mains data (sewer, storm, water) that is the culmination of the aggregation of local government maintained infrastructure data. Click here for more information.

ParcelMap BC Province-wide Parcel Snapshot

PMBC Province-wide Parcel Snapshot is now available via the Data Catalog, refreshed on a weekly schedule. For details on the Province-wide Parcel Snapshot see s.2.2.4 of the ParcelMap Direct Data Extract Product Specification.

Utility Infrastrucutre

Utility infrastructure data for hydro, oil and gas, and communications as contributed by all the major Utility organizations.

Data Quality Services

AddressBC Q/A & Change Detection

Q/A for AddressBC providing additional tools for address data managers to improve address data quality and Q/A provide change-detection functionality. Click here to learn more about AddressBC.

To receive notifications of new QA reports to improve address data click here.

Member Data Profiles

Members can click here to access our Member website and view Data Profiles.


Members can access more information at our Members Only website. If you are not an Society member, click here to learn more about how you can participate.